We are sentient beings, and it is through our nerve system that we live and experience our lives.

The Five Gifts of the Spine


Your spine and nerve system are central to all the vital functions of the body, automatically coordinating complex tasks like breathing, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, metabolism, immunity, and many other essential bio-energetic processes.

Interactive Spine

Click on the link. Select the vertebrae on the left to see what partsof the body it is connected to and see what possiblesymptoms may occur when it is out of alignment.


Feelings and sensations of energy moving in our spine and body are central to our emotional experience.

The Amazing Spine

Your spine, which houses your nerve system, connects your body-mind.  This vast array of pathways and connections is the conduit for the transfer of vital energy and information within and is at the core of our experience, wellbeing, healing and health.The more connection, flexibility and integrity within the spine and nerve system, the greater the potential for wellness, healing and health.


The spine is the central axis for all the action in our lives and allows us to move about and interact with the world.  Your nerve system is the initiator and coordinator of all behaviours, both conscious and unconscious.

Sense of Self

Our spine is at the core of who we are ashuman beings and we posture our spine differently when we are connected with different aspects of ourself.

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